About the Community Milestone category


All of our community milestone will be reported here :slight_smile:

We will start our community slowly but surely and hope we can grow it all over the Philippines and have a solid community of Apple Developers and anything related to Swift here. :slight_smile:

Subcategory included in this Milestone Category are:

  1. Site Progress: All progress related to the site, forum, app, social media and more.
  2. Member’s Progress: If our members have achieved something that they want to share to the community, we can post it here. For example, a new app out, a new job, or will be talking at an event.
  3. Meetup Progress: All progress related to our meetups.
  4. Branding Progress: All progress related to new designs, logo, swags and more.
  5. Monthly Progress: Consolidation of all our progress every month.
  6. Other Progress: All progress that doesn’t fall in the other subcategory.

If you want to:

Relevant site or links to SwiftPH

Website - https://swift.ph
Meetups - https://meetup.com/SwiftPH
Forum - https://community.swift.ph
Facebook - https://facebook.com/swiftphofficial
Twitter - https://twitter.com/swiftphofficial
Instagram - https://instagram.com/swiftphofficial
Slack - https://ios-coders-ph.herokuapp.com/
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLf5xfKIpxIA4d3jZEoQhFA