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Let us know any bugs you’ve encountered on the site.

To help us better understand, please include screenshots and steps on how to reproduce.


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Report ko lang po ung registration form yung Name field under username optional, pero ung First Name and Last Name after Password is required, mejo nakakalito lang po :slight_smile: 02_pm


Noted. :slight_smile:


I believe yung “name” field is display name only. Maybe we could change the label text to Display Name :slight_smile:


Nice idea @rhenz . We can also remove this part na lang or change it to Display Name?
Ang issue pag niremove natin, it would be harder to identify kung sino ung tinatag natin based on username lang. But oks lang rin naman.

@steffi any inputs?


Thanks sa pag report @rhedluxe02
I have followed @rhenz suggestion. Thanks @rhenz!

See image for the final changes.
56 PM

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