Chinese Characters Issue


Hi guys,

Any idea why when I try to print description of object “param”, the “DeliveryAddr” becomes: “\U4e5d\U9f99\U6e7e\U725b\U5934\U89d2\U905377\U53f7\U6dd8\U5927\U5546\U573a\U4e00\U671f\U5730\U4e0bG23-25\U53f7\U94fa”

But when I try to print description of the value of “DeliveryAddr”, it stays in chinese.

The problem is when the “param” is sent to the API with the DeliveryAddr being “\U4e5d\U9f99\U6e7e\U725b\U5934\U89d2\U905377\U53f7\U6dd8\U5927\U5546\U573a\U4e00\U671f\U5730\U4e0bG23-25\U53f7\U94fa”, the API is throwing an error.

Anyone know how can I pass the Chinese characters to API without it being transformed to “\U4e5d\U9f99\U6e7e\U725b\U5934\U89d2\U905377\U53f7\U6dd8\U5927\U5546\U573a\U4e00\U671f\U5730\U4e0bG23-25\U53f7\U94fa”?

Originally, the value: 九龙湾牛头角道77号淘大商场一期地下G23-25号铺 was fetched from the database which has collation of: Chinese_PRC_CI_AS



You need to encode it. I think I answered this on fb group already. :slight_smile: