Document-Based Application + File Provider



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I’m just starting to learn swift, and i’m trying to build a document-based app that could plot excel files from a remote server. But due to my lack of knowledge, i can’t manage to combine what Apple is saying with their documentation ( Also when i read them, all i can see is like concepts with no examples or so, even with their videos.

Is there a way i could find any step-by-step instructions about doc-based app and its file-provider extension… or if there’s any sample code with the exact scenario is so highly appreciated…

i don’t know if this is too broad, but below are two items i need to do

  1. When using iOS11 Files App, the user could see the files from remote server (network) using File-Provider extension
  2. When I tap the files found (excel files) it will open via numbers or excel app

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