Embed app install in-app


I remember I’d seen it several times where apps could be installed via another app. Like the app store is embedded in an app. For instance you would recommend your other apps inside your apps and it could be download from there and it looks like the app store and even see the progress.

Is that feature something Apple provides that I am not aware of?


I just found this SKStoreProductViewController. I never used it before but I know it exists and just hard to locate.


So far merong ganitong app sa China na ginamit ko before pang download ng ibang app… hehe hanapin ko lang will update here. :slight_smile:


I think what you are looking for is Deeplinking


I need something to list the apps and install it there. SKStoreProductViewController will display the app/s and you can install the app from there just like the app store. It is like embedding the app store in your app.