Exp with NEHotspotHelper?


We got a new feature that requires HotspotHelper for iOS9 later, do we still need to request for entitlement? (Pls share EXP)

Plus, anyone here had experience using NEHotspotConfiguration/Manager for iOS11?

Our aim for this feature is

  1. to show Wifi Status and display SSID, and
  2. Connect/Disconnect to the Wifi (without leaving the app XD)

Any reference or shared experience would help, thanks_^


Yes you still need to request for entitlement.
You can get the request here.


Hi Tristan, thanks for confirming. As follow-up, would like to ask if this is how you also did with your app; NEHotspotHelper for iOS 9 & 10 and NEHotspotConfigurationManager for iOS 11 and up>? How many days did it take before Apple got back to you for their approval>? Thank you


Hi Francis, sorry for the late reply. Totally I cant remember na since we used it last 2016 pa, and ang dami ng nabago like before apple doesn’t want you to make any changes outside setting, one of that is you can’t Connect/Disconnect to a network without leaving the app. But to answer your question, maybe it takes minimum of 5 days siguro, it depends on how you explain your app to them and why you want to access that framework.


Thanks Tristan for sharing your Exp.^ Will just prepare some code for it then wait for the entitlement grant for us to fully test it. Sayang walang 3rd party library for it that is approved by apple_<