How to career change into Ios development


How do you suggest on making a career shift into Ios development? Specifically from a non-cs degree & non-developer career path. Specifically into the details on, which companies in Philippines to apply for, and at what level of knowledge in Swift you recommend to make the switch (in terms of topics/ projects able to create).

iOS app development course

for me try to learn the about the computer science topic at first and then familiar it don’t straight to iOS Development. Not a new but can help you to understand some of CS related - Pangkaraniwang Developer Website


This is a broad topic. There are a lot of ways…

You can take a short course of mobile development/iOS Development at UP ITDC, Fitacademy, etc.

or… You can simply self study. Since you don’t have any knowledge yet on programming, I suggest you start on foundation first like Program Logic Formulation, OOP, Data Structures etc. Then dive into Swift language then iOS Development. :slight_smile:

There are online tutorials like Udemy or Linda as well. :slight_smile:


@KyruSri do you have a newer iPad? Learn swift using the Swift Playground. As suggested by the other guys learn computer science online. I myself is not a CS graduate and an iOS developer for 7 years already.

Free CS course at I am currently enrolled in while I took the free online CS course at MIT before

Additional required topics to learn:

  • Object oriented programming on youtube, wikipedia, web
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Design patterns
  • Software Development Process(Udacity)

Automated Unit testing
Architecture design

Hope this helps


A lot of companies are looking for mobile developers. Itd be easy to find a company thats looking for mobile/ios developers.

I myself am learning IOS and has just started.

I suggest before going to IOS, try understanding logic through or some other platform then proceed to learning to code. In coding learning data structures,

One of the challenges of new developers are understanding and creating algorithms . Also, some tend to use code they barely understand.


Hello Everyone!

I’d just like to take time to thank everyone that has answered my question. I will write what my journey was for others that come across this post with the same question.

TLDR: I made a career switch into Web Development first to get in the industry and now learning IOS on the job. Listed steps of my journey below.

To update on my progress, I will write each step I’ve taken to be hired as a software developer from working in the field of marketing.

I’ve taken the path of self-learning.
In line with what @ericsonluciano said, I didn’t go straight into iOS development, I went with Web dev first.

  1. I determined web-development was the industry that’s the easiest to get hired in as a non-cs graduate developer (I wanted to switch within 3-6 months and start learning on the job).
  2. Took courses at Udemy with the aim to be hired as a web developer and be working while gaining experience. Thanks @rhenz for the Udemy tip! Thank you nmariano (sorry can’t tag more than 3 users in a post!) I took a look at the python course however I was more drawn to the visual feedback developing with web gave me. I took a course on algorithms and data structures though from Udemy because of your comment!

Courses I finished

  1. After finishing these courses, I started applying everywhere and sending cold emails of my resume/learning projects asking companies to give me advice on how to join their company.
  2. I got some helpful replies but one really awesome guy (just like you guys) replied to me and gave me this list. (I was hooked and determined in joining his company after that thorough email)

Software Development

Front End:

  • JavaScript

  • React.js and React Native (all web and mobile dev is moving to this paradigm)


  • JavaScript (Node.js) (quick to understand since you’ll need JS for the front end)

  • Python (for data chomping)

  • Ruby (and Rails) (lets you build quickly)

These resources are VERY disorganized and many of the processes are out of date, but skimming through might help:

PMF (this is usually one of the toughest skills that we look for):











(This is only half of the email, he sent some dozen other links about PMF I didn’t include or it’ll make the post too long. Let me know if you’re interested in this topic and I’ll send you the complete email)

  1. 1 month later, I sent him an email with a link to a project that checks these requirements and he was so happy with the progress that we started the interview process and I was hired a few weeks later!

What was cool was one of my interview projects to get in was to create an IOS app using Nasa API to display pictures of the Mars Rover missions.

Thank you so much everyone for guiding me on this journey! I’m currently employed now in software development for the past 6 months and now going back and looking into starting IOS development :slight_smile:

That workshop with Michi and the Swift PH team was really inspirational!