How to career change into Ios development


How do you suggest on making a career shift into Ios development? Specifically from a non-cs degree & non-developer career path. Specifically into the details on, which companies in Philippines to apply for, and at what level of knowledge in Swift you recommend to make the switch (in terms of topics/ projects able to create).

iOS app development course

for me try to learn the about the computer science topic at first and then familiar it don’t straight to iOS Development. Not a new but can help you to understand some of CS related - Pangkaraniwang Developer Website


This is a broad topic. There are a lot of ways…

You can take a short course of mobile development/iOS Development at UP ITDC, Fitacademy, etc.

or… You can simply self study. Since you don’t have any knowledge yet on programming, I suggest you start on foundation first like Program Logic Formulation, OOP, Data Structures etc. Then dive into Swift language then iOS Development. :slight_smile:

There are online tutorials like Udemy or Linda as well. :slight_smile:


@KyruSri do you have a newer iPad? Learn swift using the Swift Playground. As suggested by the other guys learn computer science online. I myself is not a CS graduate and an iOS developer for 7 years already.

Free CS course at I am currently enrolled in while I took the free online CS course at MIT before

Additional required topics to learn:

  • Object oriented programming on youtube, wikipedia, web
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Design patterns
  • Software Development Process(Udacity)

Automated Unit testing
Architecture design

Hope this helps


A lot of companies are looking for mobile developers. Itd be easy to find a company thats looking for mobile/ios developers.

I myself am learning IOS and has just started.

I suggest before going to IOS, try understanding logic through or some other platform then proceed to learning to code. In coding learning data structures,

One of the challenges of new developers are understanding and creating algorithms . Also, some tend to use code they barely understand.