How to fix broken Key chain?


The scenario was that we are now releasing an update of the app we have.

The problem is that the previous data stored in the app does not appear.
id like to know how to approach this or what should I search for.

Here are other information :

  1. The project was initially done by another group . Hence the provisioning profile was theirs. We had to migrate to our provisioning profile. This is where the problem began.

  2. We reverted to the previous provisioning profile but the profile was invalid already.

  3. We checked the entitlements and they match.

  4. We also reverted back to the old code and the data from the previous version can not be retrieved.

  5. We already used the Apple’s paid support but they are slow in responding. They say its a broken keychain but has not offered any solution.

  6. We used locksmith.


Was the bundle id changed? You need to use the same bundle id in order to get the data from the old app.


The bundle id was kept same.


Saw this:

TL;DR It seems like the keychain is tied up in the provisioning profile.



The challenge is how do we get access to the data now?

Are we stuck with Apple’s support?