How to properly price an App?


Hi Swift PH!

Not sure if we’re okay to post non-technical questions on the forum but I’m a local developer here that needs guidance on how to properly price an app. I know this is a very subjective topic with lots of needed information but I also need to properly create a proposal and just focused on GTD.

Proposal is for an international company with local operations
It will not be consumer facing (tool for operations)

Work is relatively simple involving Google Maps API, but improves operations vastly.

Should I price based on Feature set / Developer hours? Or based on the value this tool would give the company?

What are your experiences of pricing / creating a proposal for an Application?
How much is a application usually priced around considering this is for a Philippine based International company?

Thank you so much for your responses guys :slight_smile: Really happy to have joined the SwiftPH Meetup!


Hi Kyru! Welcome to the community! Glad to have you here! :slight_smile:

Your question is indeed very subjective. But I think you are on the right track about considering both feature set and development hours, they are the factors that must be included all the time. Now, regarding the product value to the client, its all up to you. For me I think its the size of the company that’s usually considered. Asking premium fees to clients who are non-SME are totally fine. Re pricing, as per my experience in agencies, the ballpark number which they usually charge clients with is 500k.