iOS app development course


Hi, plan ko po mag enroll ng iOS development course, Swift sana.
Ask lang po if may marecommend kayo kung san maganda mag take?

Thank you


Hi, I would recommend Paul Hegarty’s iOS 11 Podcast from iTunes. Do you have a Macbook/iMac? There are also udemy courses. I’m currently taking Angela Yu’s iOS 11 and Swift 4 course . It’s pretty good. Every now and then, there are 10 USD sales in udemy. That’s when I buy courses. There’s also SoloLearn. but it’s still in Swift 2. I hope this helps.


Yung di po sana online, class room training po.

I don’t have Macbook pa po as of now, but my plans na mag buy. Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s going to be expensive. 30k for basic and I believe 15k for advanced.
You’re better off with udemy courses in my opinion. You won’t be able to absorb a lot of info in the few days of the bootcamp unlike when you’re in a self-paced udemy course.


Thanks, sana may mga mag suggest pa :slight_smile: para maraming option.

Curious lang po, sa mga iOS dev natin jan. Pano po kayo naging iOS dev? I mean my tinake pa ba kayo na specific training for iOS? Para maging qualified? Or online course is enough?


If classroom training, you may try UP System Information Technology Foundation, Inc.: check the schedule and rate here: //mas cheaper compare with FastTrack or FIT but, mas ok Udemy Courses, esp if you got it for Free! (join free udemy FB groups) //

For the unit, if on the budget, a 2nd hand mac mini with SSD will do (mabilis naman_^) otherwise, go for the new macbook pro ^ //You may also use your mobile phone to access udemy courses and there are android apps about swift

It would be a good start but learning doesn’t stop at the end of the training, it will be a fun and continuous journey ahead _^ (just to share, i’m a behavioural science grad turned developer :smiley: and you may check what other developers suggestedhere)


Thanks for your input po. As per checking sa UP System Information Technology Foundation, Inc, yung curriculum po is Objective-C yung pag aaralan, gusto ko po sana Swift na. Link

Kaya I’m having doubts pa. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Yal, just taken it last Oct- Nov 2017 and we have developed app in Swift 4, si sir Gab ang instructor //hindi lang updated yung Syllabus na na-iishare ng admin nila :smiley:


Wow nice, kung ganun. Sana maka avail ako early bird. Can u provide feedbacks po sa iOS dev course ng UP? Thank you :slight_smile:


have you check this na I think mas better to sa iOS Dev Course ni UP. Hnd lang ako mag promise. hahaha


Yes, mas maganda if mapa-reserve na agad to avail // For the course, introduction with Apple’s Human Interface Guideline then focus on Apple’s jump start project (which is available online, pero the course gives importance on sticking with the standards and use of apple’s provided docs in development).

You’ll also appreciate the other side stories about app development and working with a team or for a client. You may wish to expand your network as well. Other than app development, ui/ux, you’ll also get introduced to unit testing.

Pero even after finishing the course, di pa rin yun enough, it’s just the start^. Continuous learning pa din and all the resources suggested (esp online and if it’s free :D) will all help.


Wow nice. Yan nga din ang balak ko after mag training aral padin. Gusto ko lang sana may magandang start like classroom training. Para may certificate ako.

Kasi papasok ako ng iOS from web dev (Angular), hopefully na maging ok kasi wala pa ako experience sa Swift. And try ko mag shift this coming May or later. :slight_smile:


Hmm… since you already have a good foundation (given that you already have background in web development and angularJs pa) Pls. don’t expect advance/complex topics from the training (introductory course talaga sya), pero the certificate is really something that you could include on your resume_^

Swerte yung classmate ko before na pinadala ng company for training for him to shift specialization (you may try to probe, malay mo libre na :D)

In addition, Udemy courses and other online resources suggested here also have certifications that you could also include on your CV. Wish to add you at Linkedin and maybe I could help on your job search in the near future (kindly pm link or complete name for me to add you)


April 2017 ako nag graduate, pero mag 1 year working na ako ngayon sa May 2018. Yun nga po, Angular yung skill ko talaga nung nag simula ako sa company na to. Ang problem is nalipat ako sa role/project na di development (although nag fifix ako ng bugs pero minimal lang talaga unlike sa previous role ko na dev from scratch). Kaya I’m planning to change job sa future. Yung focus muna sa isa. May goal kasi ako na gumaling muna sa isa bago mag jump ng isa pa. Kaya gusto ko rin mag aral muna talaga, kasi mag try ako sa internal hiring dito sa May. Sana makapasok sa iOS :slight_smile: