New iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8s, Apple Watch Series 3, AppleTV4K Release #AppleEvent

This topic will primarily focus on the even at September 13, 2017. 1am for the new iPhone Release

You can join the hangouts later on by following this link :smiley:


3 hours and 30 mins left… LOL :laughing:

05 PM

New devices that were announced in today’s keynote ( were the following:
iPhone 8, 8s, iPhone X
Apple Watch Series 3
Apple TV 4k

Developer videos that you should watch in prep for the new devices:

Also for the design changes in iOS 11:

iOS 11, Apple WatchOS 4, Xcode 9 GM is out. You can now download it at your developer account:

Updated Design Human Guidelines Interface with iPhone X:

iOS 11 will be officially released this SEPTEMBER 19. :slight_smile: