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My team and I will release an app sometime next week, Our project manager wanted to grey-out most of the app features are not ready yet. I have experience with uploading to the Appstore sometime ago but most of the apps I manage now only reaches TestFlight since most of them are internal apps (no need to publish). My question is would apple allow it to be published if may app has a “Features coming soon” banner on most pages? Will it be rejected? I’m currently trying to discuss it with our project manager but I wanted to be sure.

Hi, it is possible to release a coming soon feature in AppStore but make sure that it won’t affect other features that make your app incomplete.

Also, don’t put any “Beta” information and other similar wordings alike or else it will automatically rejected by Apple.

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Actually the plan is to block 60% of the features. They wanted only to let the users onboard/register.

If that’s the case, the possibility of your app rejection would be high. Apple is very rigid with unfinished product.

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I agree with @crisuy. If the only features are onboarding and registration, I think you won’t pass the review. Alone the concept of asking user to register without any reason (since you can’t do anything on the app yet) is grounds for rejection.

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Exactly my point. Just wanted to make sure before I go and have a discussion with our project manager.

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You can give your PM clauses from App Store guidelines.

Like this one:

Related to relevance of account registration to app features.


Thank you for the response! But I have another question. Our app just got approved currently waiting Pending Developer release. But my question is if nag-upload ako bagong build ano mangyayari sa approved build? need ko ba ireject muna para makapag.upload akong bago? Also I assume yung iuupload kong bagong build need din dumaan sa approval process right?

You need to increase your build number and build version. You cannot upload the same build version once it is already in Pending Developer release. You need to decide if you need to release the approved build or reject it. Yes, new build needs to be review first by Apple before going to AppStore.

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