Push Notification


Do you have any recommendation on what best push notification provider to use? :<

Thank you :<


We are using OneSignal. It’s free.


OneSignal and Firebase Cloud Messaging are your best bets imho, and best of all both platforms are free.


For some who may still be reading this, I’ve tried a few push notifications provider for both iOS and Android. Here’s my take on some of those services.

Mixpanel – In a nutshell, Mixpanel is a web and mobile analytics service. Push notifications service is bundled in its iOS and Android SDK. I believe you can A/B test your push notifications from the Mixpanel console. The downside in using this is that there’s no straightforward way to send push notifications directly from your own server. You’ll have to configure your server to send push notifications using libraries like FCM, RPush (for Ruby/Rails), etc.

FCM – Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging. If you’re already using Firebase for data management, why not use FCM altogether. The only thing I don’t like about FCM is the troublesome setup and configuration.

Pusher Beams – Formerly, Pusher Notifications. IMO, Pusher Beams wins in terms of easy setup, server-side integration, and configurability. With Pusher Beams you subscribe to push notification “interests”. So you can have interests like “General”, “Promos”, “First 100 Users”, and send interest-specific notifications to every user subscribed to that interest.

AWS SNS – AWS also has their own service for push notifications. Similar to Pusher Beams, push notifications can be grouped into “Topics”. And given Amazon’s dominance in this market, you can’t go wrong with this one.


AWS SNS - This seems to be working for me for iOS but we have yet to test its dependability on Android in the coming months. But as @jaunesarmiento mentioned, being an Amazon product this should be good.

@jaunesarmiento Between SNS and Pusher Beams which one do you prefer?

FCM - I never liked Firebase. The only reason I had to interact with it is due to Google requiring it.

OneSignal - Seems interesting since its FREE but when I read this

FREE - Best of all, OneSignal is a free service that supports unlimited devices and notifications. OneSignal makes money by selling data to advertisers and research companies. We also offer paid service options for clients that require increased data privacy.

Don’t use the free tier if you’re charging your client for push notifications. And in case that you’re using the FREE version, its only right that you disclose this in your privacy policy.