Realtime data Library


Hi guys, I just want to ask if what is the best library for fetching real time data.

Thanks guys.


Realm, I think Parse rin. Provided realm server or parse server gamit mo. Typically kc mag-maintain ng TCP connection yan para tuloy tuloy data


How about Socket IO? recommended ba sya for realtime data?


Not sure if relevant sya while “real-time” keyword is there. Where do you need the real time data communication?


We are going to create an app for trading crypto coins. Kaya kelangan real time yung data doon.


Ok. Find a server that can will let you persist a tcp connection. For the app side, you can do it from scratch since TCP is supported by default naman.


Ohh. okay. Thanks a lot @nmariano! :slight_smile:


Keep us posted how you managed to address your requirement. Thanks!


firebase? baka kaya naman


Sure, Ill keep you posted guys. hehe


Hmm. Ginagawa na din kasi yung web version nya and may sarili na silang database. Yung app side nalnag yung iniisip ko. hehe Sabi naman ni @nmariano na TCP is is supported by default. hehe


I’m using socket io :slight_smile: ok nmn mabilis nyahahaha super flexible though kailangan lang ng memory watch/management sa server side hehe :slight_smile:


Thanks @crisuy. I’ll try to use the Socket IO. hehe Tsaka parang sya lang yung nakita kong inuupdate ng mga developers. hehe


hindi ba magastos sa battery?


@adin234 nope sa ios :slight_smile: