Unable to initialize


i added an initializer in a class similar to below

class myClass: NSObject, KeychainStorable{

public init? (param1 : Object1){

public init? (param2 : Object2){

public init? (param1 : Object3, param2 String){


class UVContorller: UIViewController{
object2 = Object2
let myclass = myClass(param2: object2 )

I get the error

Argument labels ‘(param2:)’ do not match any available overloads

Id like to know why this is happening since the initializer was present


Hi can you make the code complete so I can get a better understanding :slight_smile:


I think you didn’t call super.init() in the UVController at the end of the init()


Unfortunately i cannot send the whole code because it contains very sensitive information.


The work around I did used a func instead of an init.


Maybe you need to call the super initializer of the class KeychainStorable